Sewer Infastructure

The AGC is evaluating future opportunities to meet the region's sewer needs to accommodate economic growth.

The Adirondack Gateway Council (AGC) determined that a analysis of future sewer needs in the region was warranted due to lack of future capacity in town of Queensbury as well as a lack of current capacity in the towns of Moreau, Saratoga County, and Kingsbury, Washington County. There are also current and future capacity issues in the Washington County Sewer District #2 treatment plan and Glens Falls waste water treatment plant. Comprehensive and strategic engineering and planning recommendations are being developed to address long-term collection, conveyance and treatment options for waste water and
storm water and to address sanitary sewer needs and issues.

The target communities for the analysis are:

  • City of Glens Falls
  • Washington County Sewer District No. 2
  • Town of Queensbury
  • Town of Moreau
  • Town of Kingsbury
  • Town of Fort Edward
  • Village of South Glens Falls
  • Village of Hudson Falls
  • Village of Fort Edward

A mixture of residential, commercial and industrial development has been identified by the communities in their respective comprehensive plans. Other plans and studies reviewed for including in the analysis included zoning maps, treatment plant control plans, brownfield redevelopment studies and other relevant plans. Areas of growth were designated for future service and service upgrades to focus infill growth and prevent sprawl. These areas can accommodate future population and commercial/industrial expansion. They are:

  • Dix Avenue Corridor
  • Route 9 Corridor
  • Corinth Road
  • Carey Park, Queensbury
  • Ciba-Geigy Site, Queensbury
  • GE Site, Fort Edward
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