Housing & Transportation

The AGC is working to meet the region's affordable housing and transportation needs.

The Adirondack Gateway Council determined that a comprehensive review of housing and transportation needs in the AGC region is needed to determine population and housing trends and their impacts on housing supply, affordability and location. As part of this review, the AGC commissioned a regional Fair Housing Equity Assessment (FHEA). This assessment is a requirement and focuses on neighborhood and citizen access to existing areas of high economic opportunity and the impacts of major public investments on those who have been historically underserved because of their race, color religion, sex national origin, disability or family status. The assessment also measures the adequacy of fair housing services and activities in the region.

The issues that will be addressed in the reports include ways to provide more transportation choices and access to jobs, education and training,services, and basic needs; to promote equitable, affordable housing and increase transportation optiosn and access to lower the combined cost of housing and transportation. Recommendations of the study are expected to develop approaches to coordinate policies, remove barriers to private-public cooperation, leverage funding and increase effectiveness to plan for future growth.The goal of the assessment is also to enhance the unique characteristics of all communities by investing in healthy, safe, and walkable neighborhoods—rural, urban, or suburban.


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