Regional Sustainable Economy

The AGC is working on a multi-faceted approach to address the region's challenges and improve the AGC's overall economy.

The AGC intends to produce a regionally-based, stakeholder-driven sustainable development plan. The Adirondack Gateway Regional Sustainable Economy Initiative will be based upon an active and strong public engagement process and the collection, interpretation, and interdependent analysis of locally-important issues surrounding livability and quality of life. The plan will address the inter-related challenges of housing, transportation, environmental impact, economic growth and workforce development. It will focus on strategies for improving the overall economy within the AGC region by improving telecommunications/cell-broadband access, promoting greater workforce development and education, fostering healthy communities/wellness, and addressing agricultural issues faced by the Adirondack Gateway Region. This comprehensive approach will serve as a guide for local, regional, and state policies and investments and enable the region to grow in a sustainable manner over the next 20 years.

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